Titanicsouq is the only shopping site where you find original products with reasonable price. We are consistently seeking to increase the people’s belief and desire in online shopping. As per our principle, a owner is actually not a owner because each and every common man who raise sales by buying is a owner who are all backbone for us. Thus, our intention is to provide good qualified and reasonable priced products to all common man [owners]

This is our sacred principle of trading. “CUSTOMERS ARE OWNERS”

Mohamed Thoufeek.A Founder of souq, CEO of titanicsouq.com

What we really do?

we buy products from faithful and reasonable dealers and spread their best products all over India at a rational price.

Our Vision

Our ultimate aim is to increase the business of small and medium scale traders by providing a huge digital marketing platform all over India.

Beginning of the Company

When man faces struggles, it triggers new ideas in his mind. Thus,those ideas generate new business ideas and lead to a revolution in the business world. Our struggles begin the company.

History of the Company

COVID-19 , a cruel virus not only kills people but also killing most small and offline businesses. It’s impact created a worst result in our economy. Thus,our intuition is to integrate the small and offline businessmen in an organized manner to recover thier livelihood as one one of the victims of COVID-19.

Cooperate with Us!

we are aiding small and offline businesses to recover thier livelihood. This is our major goal . so, support us with your frequent transactions with our company.

What can we do for you ?

titanicsouq renders you immediate service for our valuable customers all time.

our tagline is “only Best products “.we are humbly , fondly rendering you only the best ever.

Titanicsouq transports their products through faithful and dignified mailmen.our mailmen propels products like homing bees.Thus ,we guarantee that your products will be delivered too quick .

Titanicsouq cares thier suppliers and customers with dignity and respect. We are ready to answer your queries at any time. We guarentee 💯% that you will get only genuine service.